Boarding Kennel for Golden Retrievers 


About us and Golden Retrievers

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Golden Retrievers swimmongWe are Sheila and Stephen Baker and we live with our Goldens on 77 acres in the Milton countryside about 20 miles west of Toronto.  After more than twenty years of breeding Golden Retrievers, and boarding only those who were born here, we now board any Golden whose family wants their pet to be cared for in a country environment.  Golden Retrievers playing in field

We understand that dogs, like people, have individual needs.  We cater to those needs. We give each the same individual attention to our guests as we give to our own dogs. Our long experience of breeding Goldens has made us very aware of Goldens' social, nutritional, and physical needs. If your Golden has special needs, we will meet those needs.

Your Golden's Accommodation

Think of us as a country getaway for your Golden.  He will have plenty of room to play. During the day, when not involved in an activity, weather permitting, he will be in a secure outdoor enclosure (approx. 30' X 30') in the company of one or two other Goldens, either ours or other boarders .

At night and in bad weather, your Golden will share a secure indoor pen (approx. 12' X 8') with  another Golden.

Senior Goldens or Special Needs Goldens

Your senior Golden or special needs Golden will live in our house (as opposed to our kennel - the fun place). This is less fun than the kennel where your Golden can bark at other Goldens with impunity. The slower pace of the house may suit a senior Golden or one whose needs may require more constant monitoring. Actually, we spend just as much time in the kennel as we do in the house, the main difference is that we sleep in the house!  


We feed a premium kibble, Royal Canin Golden Retriever (a large breed puppy or adult food as appropriate) twice a day. If you wish to bring a different food, that's fine. We give all the dogs a cookie at lunch time and bed time.

We will give any medication you bring at the appropriate time.

Golden Activities

Play time is as important to dogs as it is to people. In good weather, Golden Retrievers splashing in pond your Golden will be outside playing with his new friends from breakfast time until supper time. If your pet comes when called, we will take him for walks across the fields with other Goldens.   In summer, he may swim with other Goldens in the pond.  If your Golden is a senior citizen and prefers a slower pace we'll take her for a leisurely sniff and stroll.

PricingSenior golden retriever standing in snow by green driveshed door

We charge $25.oo a day. We do not charge extra for walks and swims.

However, if your Golden has special needs, which include living in our

house, we must charge a $15.00 premium for a total of $40.00 a day.

(We do not consider routine medication to be a "special need").


We must see documentation of you Golden's current vaccination status, including bordatella.

We are licensed and inspected regularly by the Town of Milton.

We adhere to the Canadian Kennel Club Code of Practice for Member Breeders

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